Google Tweets About Consent Mode in Tag Manager

It’s a hassle to ensure your analytics and conversion tags are cookie-privacy compliant. Thankfully, there’s this.
SIA Team
September 1, 2021

As an up-to-date digital marketer, you know that privacy is taken seriously by bodies such as the European Parliament (with GDPR) and tech companies such as Google (although they’ve had to face their own legal challenges).

One way the issue of privacy manifests is with the use of cookies, and as you may know, there has been an increase in the restrictions and mandatory notices that are necessary when using cookies. 

In short, in a time of increasingly restrictive privacy mandates, varying levels of user consent, and possible upcoming changes, managing tags is an ever-demanding task that possibly demands more time than we’re willing to give.

But, maybe that doesn’t have to be the case. 

In Beta: Consent Mode in Google Tag Manager

In Chanton Phan’s article, Intro to Consent Mode in Google Tag Manager, we find that with Consent Mode, we don’t have to individually update tags in order to comply with user choices. (Before this, updating such tags was, as you can imagine, a very laborious process.)

That, in and of itself, is great, and depending on how many such tags you use, can save a lot of time!

Chanton’s article goes into detail about what you need to know about Consent Mode, as well as how to set it up. (It appears that the step-by-step process is a continuation from the installation of Google Tag Manager, so if you don’t have Tag Manager set up first, that’s a prerequisite to Consent Mode.)

Do remember that Consent Mode is in beta, so there will very likely be some changes. But, if you’d like to save yourself a lot of time, and possibly provide Google with helpful feedback, Consent Mode can help minimize some of your compliance concerns. 

Source: Google Analytics Twitter channel