Google Interviews Kelly Ballard: Millions of Monthly Views on Pinterest

If you’re in a visual space, consider doing what Kelly does to grow her Pinterest audience.
SIA Team
September 2, 2021

Last week, on the Google Web Creators Twitter channel, there was a tweet that mentioned growing a following on Pinterest.

The tweet linked to a ~ 7-minute video:

The video basically features Kelly Ballard, whose site is called CityGirl Meets Farmboy, and who, over the past year, has grown her Pinterest following from under a couple hundred to over 27K followers.

Kelly’s site focuses on DIY home decor projects and tutorials.

The Role Pinterest Plays in Kelly’s Endeavor

Without Pinterest, people would have a hard time finding out about what Kelly has to offer. 

Another thing about Pinterest is that there are so many creators in their homes who, according to Kelly, feel that they can’t create something unless they’re a professional. I think that Kelly sets an example that tells them that they can be creative, and express that creativity, without having to be a professional. 

The Numbers

So, as I mentioned, in under a year’s time, Kelly’s Pinterest following grew from a couple hundred to over 27K.

What I haven’t yet mentioned is that she’s also on Instagram, where she has over 100,000 followers. 

Kelly states that while 20,000 followers isn’t a huge number on Pinterest, the number of views she gets is noteworthy: 8 to 9 million a month. 

And that leads to tens of thousands of views of traffic to her blog every single month.

I would say probably 60% to 75% of my traffic comes from Pinterest alone because of the call-to-action pins that I have. 

Pinterest Tips

You can pick up a number of tips from this video. A few that I noted were:

When creating your boards, keep titles basic and simple and focus on what is trending. 

So, to find what’s trending, Kelly does a search, and Pinterest displays what people are searching for (that’s trending) that’s related to the search term that Kelly entered. 

Always keep your boards active. If there’s one you’re not pinning to anymore, you should hide it (by making it private).

Optimizing involves creating a static pin with some words on it and a call to action. 

Kelly also talked a bit about video pins and even adding free music to your video pins, which I thought was interesting. She also mentioned a few tools that she uses. 

Pinterest can be a great source of traffic, particularly for anyone doing anything that can be expressed visually. If you’re looking to get started, hopefully, you watched the video above.

Source: Google Web Creators Twitter channel