Google Tweets About Content Creators Who Have Built Thriving Sites

No, it’s not too late to start blogging (or vlogging) and create a nice sidestream income. Get your inspiration here.
SIA Team
September 2, 2021

Yes, if you’re someone with interest, desire, and willingness, you live a passionate life creating a blog that serves others and handsomely rewards you.

There are several (maybe thousands) who have done so, and new people are always getting started.

Google Web Creators has a YouTube playlist, titled Bloggers Who Vlog About Blogging

Not too long ago, there was a tweet about this playlist, mentioning @TheRyanRobinson

At the time of this writing, there are 15 videos in that playlist, and it looks like the last 4 are from Ryan.

Each video in this playlist caters to some aspect of blogging, ranging from whether you can do it, to How to Start a Blog, a Day in the Life of a 23-Year-Old Full Time Blogger.

Actually, it’s kind of interesting, because Ryan’s first video in the playlist (#12) cover the same topic as the very first video itself: starting a blog. But since this tweet was about Ryan, I’ll feature his videos. 

In that playlist, the second of Ryan’s videos is 21 Blogging Tips (from a Blogger that Makes $30,000/mo): Advice for Starting a Profitable Blog Today

That’s a pretty enticing and interesting title, and it’s well worth the 21 minutes. 

I’ve started websites before, and can share with you 3 of my own ideas about creating a blog.

One: Are You Willing to Stick to This for the Long Term?

You know what I’m going to say: this takes a lot of consistent planning, discipline, and long-term work. Decide now whether or not you’re going to stick with it. 

Two: (Assuming You Want to Earn Money) Is There an Interested Audience That’s Willing To Invest (Financially) Into Their Interest?

Some would say this is the step where you find a niche (basically a market segment), and while that’s correct, you have to not just find a niche, but find a niche that’s profitable. 

And also, try to make sure that niche isn’t too saturated. That is, be sure there aren’t too many other sites that cater to that niche. 

(How exactly you do that is a bit beyond this news item, but coming from an SEO perspective, I’d use keyword tools to try to discover low-competition pockets of my niche.)

If you don’t want to earn money from your blog, but mainly just share your interest (or keep a diary), then don’t worry so much about whether there’s an audience. 

Three: How Can You Serve This Audience in a Way That Differentiates You?

You don’t want to be another cookie-cutter blogger that says exactly what other bloggers say. You want to be memorable. There are many, many ways to do this: it can be your personality, your writing style, your perspective…the list can be almost endless. 

This is where creativity can pay off. 

So, if you’re willing to invest time and effort into finding out what people need and want, and give it to them, you can create a blog that handsomely rewards you. 

Source: Google Web Creators Twitter channel