Google Tweets About Google Analytics 4 Tutorial for Beginners

If you’re willing to spend a few hours to get a good start with GA4, this is a great place to begin.
SIA Team
September 25, 2021

Toward the end of last week, on September 17th, 2021, on its Analytics Twitter channel, Google had a tweet about a tutorial for beginners. 

The tweet links to a tutorial by Julius Fedorovicius of Analytics Mania: Google Analytics 4 Tutorial for Beginners.

On that page, there’s also a video that’s roughly an hour long.

Believe it or not, the current iteration of Google Analytics (GA4), is relatively recent: it was revamped last year. 

Google Analytics, to the newcomer, can seem intimidating: so many icons and, at least seemingly, several layers of complexity. 

But, as with most things, a beginner’s foundation can be established, and that’s the goal of Google Analytics 4 Tutorial for Beginners

The tutorial consists of 4 chapters. (The 4th chapter, which is about reports, is a list of links to other content that sufficiently educates the beginner about reports.)

Chapter 1: Install GA4 with Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a great platform that basically lets you install and use tags to track various aspects of your promotional efforts and site’s performance. Though it’s identified as a separate Google product, it actually goes hand-in-hand with GA4. 

Chapter 2: Track Events with Google Analytics 4

Events are exactly that…events. In this case, they are meaningful milestones in the customer journey.

Chapter 3: Track Conversions

Conversions are a bit different from events (although one can understand that there’s some overlap). A conversion can be thought of as a sign-up or a sale, but is not necessarily limited to those. 

Chapter 4: Reports in Google Analytics 4

Reports are just that: an organized collection of data that’s meaningful to you. 

So, if you’d like to learn how to get started with GA4, Analytics Mania’s Google Analytics 4 Tutorial for Beginners is a good place to start

Source: Google Analytics Twitter channel