User Privacy and Google Tag Manager: Something You May Want to Know

Have you heard of server-side tagging? It’s a process that can increase privacy for your users.
SIA Team
September 24, 2021

If there’s one legally-related digital marketing concept that keeps recurring…over and over…it’s that of privacy.

That’s understandable, and no matter how much we hear about it, we must not get exhausted, complacent, or think we know everything we need to know about it. 

Some people care about their data, and there are governing bodies that can heap some heavy fines on businesses that they deem violated privacy codes. I wrote about 2 such cases in Fines and Settlements: Amazon’s Record $887M, Zoom Settles for $85M. What These Mean for Digital Businesses.

Not only are privacy regulations dictating how companies handle data, but they’re even dictating (and limiting) how we do things on a technical level–for example, cookies. I wrote about that in Looking for an Alternative to Cookies? Server-Side Tagging Holds Promise as Replacement.

And that brings us to the topic of this news item. Yesterday, September 23rd, 2021, an article by Ben Fisher, who’s a Product Manager for Google’s Tag Manager, was released: Bring Performance and Privacy Together With Server-Side Tagging.

Server-Side Tagging for Google Tag Manager was introduced in August of 2020. It offers 2 main benefits: tags are moved onto a secure server container, thus increasing privacy, and secondly, server-side tagging can reduce page load times.

You may be wondering, What platform would this be on? 

Docker, which is an open-source platform, is what server-side tagging will run on, so your server(s) should have it installed. 

And Tag Manager isn’t the only Google product that has server-side tagging. Google Ads and Google Marketing Platform solutions, such as Campaign Manager 360, Display & Video 360, and Search Ads 360, each has server-side tagging capability. 

As privacy regulations demand more compliance from digital businesses, we have to be aware of, and familiar with, the solutions available to us. Hopefully, technology will continue to try to meet regulatory demands.

Source: Google Analytics Twitter channel