Google’s New Search Ads 360

The New Search Ads 360 introduces new user interface, additional enterprise features, and support for more search engine features and campaigns.
Marie Aquino
February 9, 2022

Google Search Ads has been developed more than ten years ago and as time have passed, the way people search and interact with ads have also changed.

Due to this, Google has introduced the New Search Ads 360 which is an easier to use platform with a new user interface, additional enterprise features, and the main selling point – support for more search engine features and campaigns.

Search Ads 360 now uses the same technology that powers Google Ads which means it can now manage and process more data compared to before.

It also supports the new features of Google Ads like Performance Max and Discovery campaigns. This means that ads can now run through different Google ad properties and make use of Google Ads’ advanced AI and machine learning systems in place.

The new look and feel of the interface is a combination of Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising, which are two platforms that many Search Ads 360 users are familiar with. The familiar look makes navigation faster and easier, and should help in the managing of campaigns.

The New Search Ads 360 also offers improved search engine support across multiple advertising channels and search engines, including third party partners like Yahoo! Japan and their Dynamic Ads For Search and sitelink extension scheduling, plus added Microsoft Advertising features such as responsive search ads, call extensions, local inventory ads and additional Microsoft audience types like customer match.

The added support for the different platforms and search engines helps in managing everything under one advertising platform, getting more work done within just one place.

Advanced enterprise innovations have also been added such as the ability to centralize and scale day-to-day tasks and key activities — like campaign management, automated rules and labels — and to make these changes across multiple advertisers, plus Templates, which is a feature combining inventory management and ad builder, and a Performance Center which is an improvement to budget management that takes you beyond simply managing budgets for your ad campaigns.

The New Search Ads 360 is set to roll out in the next couple of months.

To check out the full list of features and to help get started with the New Search Ads 360, check out this Google Marketing Platform Release.