Google’s New User Feedback Form Allows Reporting of Spam and Paid Links

Google has introduced a new user feedback form that allows reporting of spammy, deceptive, or low-quality pages, paid links, malicious behavior, low-quality, etc
Marie Aquino
June 15, 2023

Google has introduced a new user feedback form that lets users report spammy, deceptive, or low-quality pages. Not only that, users can also report paid links, malicious behavior, low-quality page, and other search quality issues, all in just one improved form – the search quality user report.

A bulk submission feature has also been added that allows the submission of up to five pages that violate the same policy in just one report.

Google states that they want to receive actionable feedback to improve their algorithms and due to this, they have added a granularity to the feedback form. Users can now choose a category and a subcategory of the issue that is being reported. While only one main problem can be selected per category per submission, you’ll be able to submit multiple issue types within that category in the next step.

To help you select the right category, the form links to a help page with an explanation of different quality issues that are also referenced in the Spam policies.

If the page being reported has multiple issues from different categories at once, the form can be resubmitted, reporting the same page and selecting different categories. Note though that system will disregard identical reports submitted by the same user to prevent spam.

In case you are not sure what category to choose, you can select “not sure” from the options and the form also includes an optional comment section where more detailed information about the issue being reported can be provided.

Upon submission, a confirmation email will be sent, which contains help links to external resources that cover Google’s quality policy and their forum for more personalized support.

Check out the feedback form here and read more of the announcement here.

Now we wonder how this will be used by those who engage in negative SEO. All the more reason to create high-quality content and be more careful with your linking!