Google’s SGE Adds Video And Images

Google has announced that they have added images to SGE and in the coming weeks, videos will also be added to queries where it would be helpful to see videos
Marie Aquino
August 4, 2023

Google has announced that they have recently added images to the AI-powered Search Generative Experience and in the coming weeks, videos will also be added for searches where it is helpful to see something in motion – such as a demonstration of a yoga pose, or how to get stains out of marble.

One of the issues that people have with SGE is how it does not cite the sources for the answers it provides. Google has announced that they will be adding publish dates to links for the answers provided. The announcement said –

“SGE is designed to be a jumping-off point for exploring helpful information on the web, with links to search results included alongside each AI overview. To help you better understand how recent the information is from these web pages, we recently added publish dates to links. And we’re continuing to experiment with new, easier ways for people to find web pages that support information in AI overviews.”

Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Land has reported that they are seeing links in the form of classic-looking citations, in the form of button overlays, and in the form of quotation overlays. Check out the article for images of how the links are showing in SGE.

Looks like Google continues to improve on SGE though as of this time, access is still just in the US. We hope that in the coming weeks/months, this would also be made available in more markets.

Read more of the announcement here.