Google’s 3-Step 2021 Holiday Checklist for Businesses

If you’re looking for a 2021 holiday checklist for businesses, Google’s got one for you. Better be fast!
SIA Team
December 9, 2021

Yesterday (December 8th, 2021), the Google Small Business Twitter channel tweeted about their 2021 holiday checklist for businesses: 

That tweet links to this page, titled, Help Your Business Shine Online This Holiday Season

So, what are the 3 steps? 

  1. Learn to sell online
  2. Drive online sales
  3. Boost in-store sales

That’s it. 

Now, please go to that page for Google’s specifics. 

What I’ll do now is show you some of SEO Intel’s content that helps you achieve the 3 steps listed above.

Step 1: Learn to Sell Online

While SEOIntel started out as an SEO-focused site, we know that SEO is not only important for strictly digital businesses–brick and mortar/retail businesses also need to have some sort of digital presence.

And to that end, we can help you. 

While there are probably dozens of our articles that I think I can recommend, one of the first ones that come to mind is this one: How to Write Meta Descriptions.

It’s probably one of my best articles (in my ‘unbiased’ opinion), and I think that it’ll be very helpful because I dive into some of the dynamics of creating meta descriptions that garner peoples’ interest and curiosity. 

Step 2: Drive Online Sales

If your product or service can be accurately represented visually, you’re in luck! Lately, I’ve been writing about the benefits of marketing on Pinterest (just be sure you apply to become a verified merchant.)

Here’s an article that’s fitting for the holidays: Pinterest Marketing 2021: Pinterest Launches 1-Page Holiday Guide for Businesses.

Step 3: Boost In-Store Sales

Do you have a SKU or item that the big box retailers in your local area don’t have?

Do you want your store to appear to local searchers who are looking for that item?

If so, this article may be of interest: Google Announces New Feature That May Excite Retail Businesses.

Source: Google Small Business Twitter channel