Is Google Analytics API Free? Yes, It Is

Yes, the basic API for Google Analytics is free, and here are some things you may want to know.
SIA Team
December 9, 2021

Is Google Analytics’ API free?

Yes, currently, the basic version is. 

Yesterday (December 8th, 2021), Google’s Analytics Twitter channel had the following tweet:

That tweet linked to’s article by Ryan Krumbholz, titled, Turbocharge Your Google Analytics Setup Through the Power of Google APIs.

API stands for Application Programming Interface

I’m sure you’ve seen how different software, or apps can work together closely. Not just that data can be copied from one and pasted into the other, but that 2 applications can work together seamlessly. 

That is, that the 2 apps, or software programs, communicate together, and almost share data automatically. 

That’s probably because they’re communicating to each other via an API–essentially, a communications channel that connects programs to each other. 

So, enabling Google’s API for Analytics (or really, most other Google platforms), allows Analytics to communicate with 3rd-party software/apps.

Krumbholz’s article gives you a good overview of the Google Analytics API. It’s not necessarily a how-to on the setup. That said, it does tell you a few things that are good to know, such as an example of batch requests and tips on keeping things simple. 

I just wish that the paragraphs were separated into smaller paragraphs. It would make it a bit more inviting to the eye, but the information’s good. 

Source: Google Analytics Twitter channel