Holiday Shopping Trends for 2021: Google’s Top 100

Here are 3 tips to help you maximize the holiday shopping trends of 2021.
SIA Team
November 26, 2021

It’s November 26th, and Christmas is just under a month away. If you haven’t already done so, it’s probably not too late to try to be prepared for the holiday shopping trends of 2021. 

In a post titled, What Shoppers Are Searching for Heading Into Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Jane Butler writes of the 2021 holiday shopping atmosphere, backed with statistics and a report that you can download, titled, 2021 Shopping Holiday 100

This is an image of the Google Shopping Holiday 100.
This is an image of the Google shopping Holiday 100

From reading Butler’s post, I listed 3 tips that might be of help to retailers. 

Tip #1: Promote Dals and In-stock Inventory

People want deals–I’m sure you know that. 

But also, more than a third of US shoppers said that they’d be willing to look for another store that carried an item that a previous store didn’t. So, if you have an item that’s popular, and it’s thought that other stores may have it, you may want to promote that item. 

Yes, considering that other stores have that same item, it might seem redundant for you to advertise a generic product, but if other stores run out of it, and people are looking for it, you stand to gain. 

Tip #2: Try to Offer Free Shipping (Maybe Even Free Local Deliveries!)

80% of US shoppers say they’ll look for stores with free shipping and discounts. 

I can see a scenario where a shopper is considering one item from 2 different shops, and only one offers free shipping. Of course, assuming that the item is the same price on both shops, the one with the free shipping is likely to get the sale. 

That said, when I was typing this, I came up with the idea of free deliveries. Of course, free deliveries aren’t anything new, but I thought I’d add it here to maybe help give you a bit of an idea as to what’s possible. 

I can see that being a great help for items that aren’t light, which people don’t want to have to carry around with them as they shop through the mall.

Yes, that’s it: maybe if you’re in a shopping mall, you can offer free local deliveries. That way, people won’t have to take your item to their car, or walk around with it.

Of course, you’ll have to factor in the cost of gas and employee time, but it’s an idea. 

Maybe you can offer free gift-wrapping, and matching cards.

Anyway, play with those ideas. 

Tip #3: Market to Previous Customers

81% of US shoppers say they’ll shop with stores they’re familiar with. 

With these 3 tips (plus Google’s list), I think you’ll be better poised to take advantage of the holiday shopping trends of 2021. 

Source: Think with Google