Google Cloud for Startups: Google Tweets About Ongoing Video Series

If you’re part of a startup considering Google Cloud, or just want to improve your Cloud skills, this video is for you.
SIA Team
November 26, 2021

As I type this, there’s an upcoming 12-part video series that’s being released by Google Cloud Tech. 

The tweet mentioned something called serverless, which is quite interesting, because one would think that everything done online requires the host of a server. 

But actually, if my understanding is correct, what serverless means is not necessarily the absence of a server, but rather, the creation of a development environment–perhaps an operating system of sorts–that doesn’t rely too much on server infrastructure. 

Is This Video Series, Which Is About Google Cloud, For All Startups?

From looking at the ‘map’ that was displayed in the opening seconds of the video (around the 27-second mark), it seems to me that, if not all of Google Cloud, then at least this video series is geared towards startups that are tech development firms.

So, you may be part of a startup that’s not a development startup, but perhaps you can use the resources offered by Cloud. 

Regardless, this video (which is part 3 of what I think will be an eventual 12-part series) is about streamlining application development. 

By streamlining app development, you can release apps faster, as well as scale your output with as little difficulty as possible. 

The video also touches on some other topics, such as e-commerce and billing. 

Google Cloud offers startups a lot of promise, and if you’re part of a startup, I’d urge you to consider this option. 

Source: Google Cloud Tech