“How Can Businesses Use Pinterest?” 3 Insights From Pinterest’s Global Head of Marketing

If you’re wondering, “How can businesses use Pinterest?” Jim Habig, Pinterest’s Global Head of Marketing, has some answers.
SIA Team
November 26, 2021

So, how do successful businesses use Pinterest?

Well, this tweet, from Pinterest Business, leads to a clue: 

That tweet links to Marketing Mag’s Interview With Pinterest’s Global Head of Marketing Jim Habig (by Liv Croagh, Editor of Marketing Mag). 

How Businesses Can Use Pinterest: 3 Insights From Jim Habig

From glancing through the interview, I picked up 3 key insights (and there may be more): 

Pinterest Business Insight #1: Did you know that, unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest was built with shopping in mind? Shopping is at the heart of Pinterest, unlike other platforms that have shopping bolted on. 

Pinterest Business Insight #2: Pinterest offers a glimpse into forthcoming possible consumer behaviour. That’s because people plan their future shopping on Pinterest. 

Pinterest Business Insight #3: Sometimes, Pinners type in a brand name when searching for something–but, that’s only a small fraction of the time. 

That means that brands–both established and up-and-coming brands–have near-equal opportunity for being discovered on Pinterest. 

Pinterest has been an emerging–but often-overlooked–platform for businesses to share their message and their brand. If you’ve been asking yourself how businesses can use Pinterest, we hope the insights above have inspired you to delve deeper into Pinterest. 

Source: Pinterest Business Twitter channel