How to Make Yourself Stand Out Online

If you want to know how to make yourself and your business stand out online, here are some tips.
SIA Team
December 13, 2021

If you want to discover a few ways to make yourself or your business stand out online, check this out:

It’s a tweet from the Twitter channel, Google for Creators. It links to this 5-minute 32-second video

That video features Eden Hagos and Elle Asiedu of Black Foodie.

It stars by either Eden or Elle saying: 

“There’s a reason why people gravitate to certain pages, models, or brands. It’s because they like what they see and they identify with what they read, watch, or hear.

“If you want to stand out on social media and create a community people love, your page might need a makeover.

Later on, they say that:

“…And if you want to build a community that really resonates with people, your content should belong to or stem from a particular niche. For us at Black Foodie, it’s Black food.”

They then ask you to ponder some questions (the first one being about your niche):

“Is it immediately recognizable on social media? Do your website and social media pages have the same look and feel? Does it include original content? If your answer was ‘No’ to all these questions, it’s pretty likely that your community isn’t standing out in a way that attracts positive attention and helps you grow. But don’t worry.”

They then go on to assure the viewer that they have tips that will help them stand out. 

Source: Google for Creators Twitter channel