Google Search Central Announces SEOs and Devs

SEOs and Devs is the latest series announced for the Google Search Central YouTube channel.
SIA Team
December 13, 2021

SEOs and Devs: if you’ve ever worked in an app or web development company–particularly a large one–you probably noticed that there could be a bit more cohesion between SEOs and developers. 

Many people have noticed this, and perhaps that’s why, as it says in the description of the video below (at its page on YouTube):  SEO and Devs “ aims to bridge the disconnect between SEO and developers by highlighting the intersection of the two professions.”

As of the time of this writing (December 13th, 2021), there are not yet any episodes that I’ve seen.

That said, from watching the trailer, it seems that they have a number of interviews in the queue, which means we can probably expect a good launch and follow-up sequence. 

SEOs and Devs should, of course, work together, and here’s an example: an SEOs might run a Page Speed Insights test, see something technical (problem, limitation, etc.), and ask a developer what can be done about it. 

Here’s an article that developers and SEOs may work to implement: PageSpeed Insights Lab Data vs Field Data: A Frustrating Experience.

Here’s another one that’s an interesting challenge for SEOs and devs (though in my opinion, which is also that of John Mueller, it’s really up to Google to solve the problem here): “Embedding YouTube Videos Is Costly for LCP. Is There a Viable Workaround?” Google Responds

So, with this announcement, hopefully, SEOs and devs will work more closely together.

Source: Google Search Central Twitter channel