Promote Your Business With Google Small Business

The Google Small Business Twitter channel has a tweet where you can mention your business’ holiday special.
SIA Team
December 13, 2021

If you’re looking for a small way to promote your business with Google, this tweet, seen on the Google Small Business Twitter channel, may be of interest:

The tweet also says to update your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business). 

In case you’re not aware, the Google Business Profile is a free profile you can get via Google. (Sometimes, Google just calls it Business Profile, though I think that’s a bit broad and possibly confusing.) 

Anyway, you can easily get one by visiting

Promote Your Business With Google and Search Engine Optimization

That’s what we at SEOIntel are about (specially the search engine optimization part of it). 

We do SEO testing, and if that sounds a bit too involved for you, don’t worry: we give you the test results that you can take action on. (You may need to be willing to learn some of the basics of SEO, or have someone on your team implement the insights, but it definitely is doable.) 

Do you have a retail business? 

Right now, where I am, it’s December 13th 2021, and of course, the holidays are around the corner! This article comes to mind: Google Announces 3-Step Holiday Prep Checklist for New Retailers.

If you’re a retailer who wants your local resident to know that you have the latest, greatest item that the big-box stores are running out of (or just whichever SKUs you have available), I think this will be one of your most exciting reads to date: Google Announces New Feature That May Excite Retail Businesses.

Source: Google Small Business Twitter channel