Chrome User Experience Data: Does Source of Traffic Matter?

For Core Web Vitals and the Chrome User Experience report, does traffic source matter? Google’s John Muller answers.
SIA Team
December 13, 2021

When webmasters are considering Core Web Vitals and the Chrome User Experience data, one question that’s asked has to do with traffic sources. 

Does it matter if traffic comes from Google Search, or not?

If so, what differences would one have to look for?

This was asked during the December 10, 2021 recording of Google’s SEO English Office-Hours. These are a series of Q&A-style sessions where webmasters, heads of small teams, SEO agencies, etc. can ask Google Search-related questions to a Google staff member. In this case, the staff member was Search Advocate John Mueller

One participant asked: 

“For this Chrome User experience data that Google uses for Core Web Vitals, does Google only consider users that were coming from Google organic search or all the Chrome users, irrespective of their traffic channel or source?

The video below is queued to the ~37-second mark, which is when the question was asked:

John Mueller’s response was:

“It’s not tied to people clicking from Google Search.”

To which, the participant asked, “So it’s basically all Chrome users?” 

To which, John replied, 

“Well, it’s not all Chrome users because of the way that the Chrome User Experience Report collects the data, but it’s not tied to any specific source of traffic for your website.”

The participant further asked, “OK. So what kind of users will we see if this is a user who falls into that category that we should consider for this report?”

To which John replied:

“I don’t know it offhand. I think it has to do with the settings in Chrome that you have set up that you’re submitting user feedback through Chrome…those kinds of things. But I don’t know the exact details offhand.”

So, although John wasn’t sure of the details, it appears that, when it comes to Chrome User Experience data, it’s not tied to traffic source, and neither is it tied to the browser visitors used.

Source: Google Search Central YouTube channel