How to Use Google Trends for Content Creation: New Video

A new video serves as a good starting point for those who want to learn how to use Google Trends for content creation.
SIA Team
November 25, 2021

Before I get into how to use Google Trends for content creation, I want to be sure that you know what Google Trends is. 

If you’re not sure what it is, Google Trends is just a place you can go to to find some of the newest search queries that people type into Google. 

But it’s not only limited to new or trendy search queries. 

Yesterday (November 24th, 2021), a new video was published to the Google for Creators YouTube channel

The 3-minute, 5-second video is titled, November Google Search Trends for Creators, and you can watch it below.

While it is restricted to November, the video also serves as a how-to for coming up with your own content ideas using Google Trend. And you can do this throughout the year. 

There are many videos that serve as good tutorials for using Google Trends to get content creation ideas. 

I’ve used Google Trends before, and while it’s not my go-to for content ideas, here’s the process I’d follow if I wanted to systematically use Google Trends: 

  1. Know Your Ideal Visitor, Reader, Prospect, etc.

You’ve most likely–or hopefully–done this part. If you’re a business owner, you probably know the psychographics, demographics, age range, gender, and a few other data points pertaining to your ideal visitor. 

  1. What is your ideal reader looking for?

And, what are they looking for now? 

Are they looking for the trendy (news) item that you’re going to discover? 

Is what they’re looking for trendy, time-bound, or more evergreen? 

  1. Don’t forget your message.

Don’t forget the heart of your business or charity’s message. Try to tie it into everything you write. 

  1. Are you in a market that is swayed by the latest trends?

Some markets are evergreen, in the sense that things rarely change. 

Others are more seasonal–Christmas trees are one such market. 

And some are both evergreen and seasonal. Hallmark cards come to mind here, as people buy cards throughout the year, but of course, there are seasonal increases during Easter and Christmas. 

  1. Pay attention to the news pertaining to your audience (popular figures, authors, companies, software, regions, sub-industries). 

Do people in your market like to pay attention to a certain aspect of the news? Do they follow any particular celebrity? 

  1. Go to Google Trends, select your country (if necessary) and start searching.

It’s only a little more complicated than typing a search query into Google. 

  1. Evergreen, Seasonal, Trend, or Spike? 

If you see something your reader would like to read, jot it down. 

That said, depending on your business model and how fast you can adjust to new trends, it’s critical to distinguish whether a new search query is indicative of a trend that you can jump onto, or just a spike that’s “here today, gone tomorrow.”

I hope this article has given you a process that you can use to learn how to use Google Trends for content creation ideas. 

Source: Google for Creators