Google Tweets New Video on How to Handle Haters Online

Do you want to learn how to handle haters online? Andi Eaton gives 3 tips on how to respond to unfair critics.
SIA Team
November 25, 2021

At some point, many online entrepreneurs, influencers, and artists find that they have to learn how to handle haters, critics, naysayers, and…maybe even bullies.

Now, I should make a clear distinction, by ‘haters,’ I’m not talking about hate, or online hate, which is usually totally forbidden on major platforms. 

By ‘hater,’ I’m talking about someone who’s probably not hateful in the pure definition of the term, but more likely someone who’s harshly or unfairly critical of something that you, as an individual, did or said. 

And also, I’m a person of definitions, and from that point of view, haters, critics, and naysayers are not necessarily the same, and each can be handled a bit differently. 


Naysayers are probably the least concerning of this subject. 

They’re the ones who basically say, “Yeah…I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Or, they’ll say, “Remember that other time when you said…and it didn’t work?”

You can handle them by just giving your honest facts or opinions, and move on. 

Critics (Right On, or Unfair?)

A critic differs from a hater because, whereas a hater may attack you, the person, a critic may be critical of what you said, did, or didn’t do. 

They (critics) attack the message, not the messenger. 

A hater attacks the messenger. 

On my own Facebook page, I sometimes present things that question some people’s narrative, or position on things. 

While I wouldn’t say I have many ‘haters’ per se, I have seen responses, ranging from support to criticism. 

I usually respond to criticism by stating the logic behind my position, and presenting facts, such as a preprint study. 

And also, I admit that preprint studies aren’t necessarily peer-reviewed.  

How to Handle Haters Online: 3 Tips From Blogger Andi Eaton

Yesterday (November 24th, 2021), Google for Creators tweeted this: 

It linked to this ~6-minute video, featuring blogger Andi Eaton:

The 3 tips she mentions are:

  1.  The Narrative Shift

People might not understand what you’re up to. 

  1. Gratitude Practice

Be grateful…even for those who are critical. At least people are responding. 

  1. Learning Lessons

Yes, chalk things up to a learning experience. 

But, there’s a line. The last thing I want to say about how to handle haters is to keep in mind that hate, harassment, and bullying should not be tolerated. 

Source: Google for Creators Twitter channel