How to Write an Email Signature: 11 Best Practices

If you want to know how to write an email signature, MailerLite has 11 best practices for you to follow.
SIA Team
December 3, 2021

Have you noticed that the people who know how to properly write an email signature seem to convey a bit more of a professional edge? 

Well, I recently found a resource where you can learn how you can also have that professional appeal, thanks to MailerLite. 

Just a few days ago (on November 29th, 2021), there was a post on MailerLite’s blog, titled, Your Guide to Email Signature Best Practices for 2022 (With Examples).

And, not only does that post have 11 best practices, but there are also images, examples of how this may apply to different careers. 

The article has 7 parts:

  1. What is an email signature?
  2. Why you need an email signature.
  3. What to include
  4. Best practices
  5. Email signature examples
  6. Create an email signature
  7. Conclusion

Here are some things to consider when writing an email signature:

  • If you’re sending HTML emails, ensure it’s visually appealing and eye-catching. You can have a portrait of you in your email signature. Be sure it’s a high-quality, high-resolution image. 
  • Of course, having your contact details, depending on your industry, would be good. It’s a good way for people to quickly see that you’re reachable. 
  • You can have social media icons and a link to a CV or your LinkedIn profile. 
  • You can also have a CTA, or call-to-action.

Learning how to write an email signature can seem complicated, but you only have to do it once, and then, you can use that signature over and over again. 

Source: MailerLite Blog