Tech Reports in Google Analytics for App Development

For app development, tech reports in Google Analytics can give clues to the specifications your app needs to adhere to.
SIA Team
December 3, 2021

If you’re in a startup, or otherwise are involved in software/app development, this tweet, seen on the Google Analytics Twitter channel yesterday (December 1, 2021), may be of interest:

That tweet links to an article on Medium by Pierre DeBois, titled, How Startups Can Best Use Analytic Tech Reports.

Here’s what I got from it: by looking at tech reports, you can see which devices your users are on, and ultimately see the technical limitations of their devices. This can help you create apps, or upgrades, that fall within those limitations. 

You can also see the percentage of devices that are iOS, Android, Windows, or other operating systems. 

And for customer support, your team can gain insight into what the cause of a particular issue may be. 

For example, let’s say that a number of users are saying that something in your app is faulty. Your tech reports suggest that this issue is only experienced by Android users.

Did you just have an update to your app on Android?

Hmm…that might be something to consider. 

In short, tech reports in Google Analytics can aid app development because they can give you insight into things like: operating system priorities, device limitations, and where to focus your efforts.

Source: Google Analytics Twitter channel