“I’m Using a Plugin That Creates Dynamic Content. Can Google Read This Content?” Google Responds

In this specific scenario, the Inspect URL Tool didn’t display the content’s HTML. So, no.
SIA Team
November 9, 2021

It’s fun to play with new tools, especially tools that help us generate content. 

But, from an SEO perspective, if that content isn’t being read by Googlebot, our efforts (or rather, the efforts of our new tools) would be for naught. 

(Granted, if you weren’t concerned about ranking and indexing, and only wanted to create this content exclusively for your human visitors, that would be fine.)

During the English Google SEO Office-Hours From November 5, 2021, just after 10 minutes into the video (which is queued for your viewing below), a participant asked about a WordPress plugin he had that he was using to create dynamic content.

The participant’s question, which I’ve shortened and edited for clarity, was: 

“I’m testing a plugin in WordPress that generates dynamic content, but then when I check the HTML code, I actually don’t see any of the words that we’re trying to use within the text, and I was wondering if Google would have a problem reading the text.”

For clarity, I’ve edited the reply that Search Advocate John Mueller gave: 

“I don’t know that plugin, so it’s hard for me to say. 

“One one thing you can do is use the Inspect URL tool in Search Console to check that page, and you can check the HTML there. 

“The HTML is based on rendering, so when we try to process the page in a browser, and if in the HTML you find the content that you want to have shown, then we can we can index it, but if it’s not in the Inspect URL HTML, then we’re not seeing the content.”

In conclusion, there are many, many content creation tools coming on the market. We need to be aware that the tool we use is creating content in an ethical fashion (that is, no stealing content from others), and that the content will be useful for people and readable by search bots.

Source: Google Search Central YouTube channel