What Are Your Users Doing? 3 Metrics Give You Insight

Total events, unique events, and unique dimension combinations are 3 key Google Analytics metrics.
SIA Team
November 8, 2021

Recently, the Google Analytics Twitter channel had a tweet.

That tweet linked to Chloe Morgan’s How to Measure User Interactions in Google Analytics

The article basically gives you a good definition of interaction, Unique Dimension Combinations, and Interaction Rate. 

It does seem like working with these involves a learning curve, but as with anything worth having, it’s worth learning. 

That article also features a 25-minute, 19-second video that helps you to not just get started with Google Analytics, but to start analyzing your product sales, and get insight into the interactions that may hint at these sales. 

Know Your Prospect, Serve Them, and They May Become a Customer

That’s it, really. And you’ve probably done a lot of the preliminary steps that lead to this. 

You’ve done your research.

You’ve looked at projected sales trends. 

You’ve (probably) done your keyword research, SEO, and on-page optimization.

Now, you just need to refine things a little, gain some insight that you might not have otherwise gained, and voila! Just a few insightful, informed changes can result in a measurable increase in sales.

Your web visitors want something.

What is it?

Source: Google Analytics Twitter page