IndexNow Feature Upgrade: Sharing Between Search Engines

This new IndexNow feature will make url submission for indexing so much faster. Submit to one, submit to all, at least to those that adopted the protocol.
Marie Aquino
January 14, 2022

Last week, we talked about the release of Microsoft’s IndexNow plugin for WordPress that makes indexing of pages faster and easier in Bing and Yandex – Google is apparently still testing it out.

A week after the release of the WordPress plugin, they have released a new upgrade that allows the sharing of data between search engines.

This means that if you submit your URLs using IndexNow to Bing, Bing will share those URLs with Yandex, and any other search engine that adopts the IndexNow protocol. This means that you just need to notify one API endpoint, and the data will be shared across the board.

This helps in saving time for webmasters as there will be no need to submit urls for indexing individually, to each search engine, in order to get the url indexed. This also helps search engines discover and update pages, making the web more efficient.

The Microsoft Bing Webmaster Tools team has this to say about IndexNow:

“The IndexNow protocol can help the entire search industry get their content indexed faster, while using less resources. Early adoption of IndexNow can help businesses deliver timely information to their users across search engines and reap benefits of staying ahead of the curve.”

According to Microsoft, there are now 80,000 sites using IndexNow for URL submissions and are reaping the benefits of faster submission to indexation. Are you one of those 80,000?

Let’s hope that Google eventually adopts the protocol, too. This would make it so much easier and more efficient for everyone.