Influencer Marketing is Successful for 86% of B2B brands

According to a recent survey, influencer marketing is successful for 86% of B2B firms. Find out more about their strategies.
SIA Team
August 5, 2022

Business potential in 2022 and beyond are discussed in a study paper on B2B influencer marketing.

According to a survey from Lee Odden’s TopRank Marketing blog, influencer marketing is effective for 86% of B2B firms. B2B firms can increase sales by using influencer marketing to increase brand recognition and reputation.

B2B marketing and communications experts were surveyed about their experiences using influencer marketing. Reportedly, 86 percent of respondents claim it is either fairly or highly successful, 72 percent claim that it enhanced brand credibility. Then 70 percent claim that it increased brand awareness, 56 percent claim that it helps them get new clients and 33 percent claim that it was a direct source of income.

A third of companies claim influencer marketing increased sales, and 85% predict that more companies will be interested in collaborating with influencers during the next 12 months.

“Audience size matters less than audience relevance. The sheer number of followers isn’t as important to marketers as relevance, credibility and expertise. Those with a large audience can help with the reach of a campaign, but it’s vital to include more influential people with smaller audiences.” Report says.

The research provides answers to queries on best practices and technology, essential characteristics of a B2B influencer, and significant potential growth areas.