Google Search Results Now Highlight Words Users Put in Quotes More Clearly

The search engine is now regularly making it obvious how terms users put in quotes appear on the website thanks to a recent upgrade to the Google Search results page.
SIA Team
August 4, 2022

Many Google queries consist of a few different terms, and the search engine looks for connections between the words to get the best outcomes from all over the internet. Google’s search results may occasionally display a snippet picked by the website, while other times they’ll see a pertinent excerpt of the page’s text.

However, if users enclose a portion of their search in quote marks, Google will be sure to locate those exact words in that exact context. The majority of the time, the search results page would also display users’ statements inside the appropriate context.

Google has announced that the context in which the quoted words occur would henceforth always be displayed on the search results page. If the words occurred on the page’s navigation menus or anywhere else where they wouldn’t make an usable snippet, for instance, that was a prior exception.

The modification introduced today was reportedly in response to comments from Google Search users who wanted to always know exactly where the quote appeared on the page. It’s really a modest change overall, but it might simplify things for certain users or at the very least make it clearer why a particular page is displaying as a result.