YouTube Creator Updates: Copyrighted Music, New Metrics, and More

For creators, YouTube has added a number of new capabilities, including more data on their subscriber growth.
SIA Team
August 4, 2022

Weekly updates on YouTube for creators provide them access to a larger collection of copyrighted music and more subscriber analytics.

One of the updates in providing artists more music alternatives for their videos, YouTube is extending its partnerships with music labels and publishers. As a result, content producers will have more access to protected material and be able to monetize their videos. Prior to this upgrade, copyrighted music would prevent a video from being monetized.

Also, users can now see more data about such remixes in YouTube Analytics if they have allowed the option to let other creators rework their material. With this enhancement, they’ll see the stats of the following; Views for all remixes, Top 15 mobile remixes, and 15 best remixes for desktop

Meanwhile, the number of subscribers that creators receive from community posts is now visible to them. This new metric may be found in YouTube Analytics’ subscription source report. YouTube plans to introduce per-post subscriber analytics in the future.

Furthermore, in YouTube Studio, to improve the user experience when trimming videos, the trim tool is getting an improvement. This week, a new portion of the cut that enables time editing at a finer resolution. To make the trim and cut feature easier to grasp, the edges are color-coded and wider. Preview and editing functions are easier to reach.