Instagram is Testing a New Reposting Feature in Beta

Instagram's long-awaited "repost" feature is about to launch, although not meant for all users.
SIA Team
September 9, 2022

A Meta official told TechCrunch on September 8 that they intended to test the repost feature soon with a small group of users but as of now Meta has not made this upcoming feature publicly known.

On September 7th, a social media strategist Matt Navara tweeted a screenshot of Adam Mosseri’s profile, who is currently the head of Instagram. Others were able to locate the introductory screen for users being chosen to test the feature, which was first introduced by Alessandro Paluzzi months ago, after doing further online sleuthing.

Instagram’s repost function looks to have been in development for a while. Users can already share posts on the platform, but only within their stories, not in their feed. With its Retweet tool, which enables users to post other people’s tweets to their Twitter feed, Twitter has long had this kind of capability.

By experimenting with its own version of reposting, TikTok has also jumped on the resharing train. The Repost feature on TikTok now allows users to share a specific piece of content with their followers. However, it is unable to display all of the user’s shared posts.

Due to Adam’s profile appearing to be the first to have the Reposts feature in the wild, this news is once again pertinent. Instagram is said to be working on this for a while, as they are now covertly launching the Beta test.