New Features For The Analytics Research Tab Are Being Tested On YouTube

To assist producers in locating content niches and their specific viewers, YouTube has included Watch Interest, Watch Activity, and Personalized Insights.
SIA Team
September 9, 2022

YouTube is experimenting with three new capabilities on the Analytics Research page in response to the popularity of YouTube Search Insights, a keyword research tool introduced last year.

While YouTube has been striving to expand the function to more areas and languages, Search Insights presently only offers data on what users are searching for, and to assist content producers in creating articles on prospective audience interests, Search Insights was established.

Content producers will identify new and relevant topics that might interest their viewers with the help of the newly announced features Watch Interest, Watch Activity, and Personalized Insights.

The goal of Watch Interest is to assist content producers in locating popular, trending, or recent videos within a given category. They hope to take advantage of popular films and themes by doing this. What kinds of content a creator’s audience is watching may be seen in Watch Activity which can be used to determine interest in the content of a similar nature.

Meanwhile, Personalized Insights will be tailored to the creator’s channel and offer information on the particular interests or saved videos of their audience. This is used as a signal of interest by the save feature, which was previously only available on desktop but is now also available in the mobile app.

According to Pierce Vollucci, YouTube Senior Product Manager, “80% of the creators in the experiment expressed satisfaction with the tool,” indicating that it was well-received.