WordPress Ecommerce Made Simple with Bluehost

A new WordPress eCommerce solution with a point-and-click interface was just unveiled by Bluehost.
SIA Team
September 10, 2022

Almost anyone can easily start an eCommerce store with WordPress thanks to a new point-and-click option that Bluehost has unveiled.

Businesses who previously felt that entry-level technology complexity was a barrier to admission now have a chance.

Additionally, it opens up opportunities for agencies, who may now more readily assist smaller clients in growing into larger and more prosperous companies.

The following advantages of Bluehost’s new eCommerce solution were highlighted: simple, customizable, curated and powerful. 

It is said to be simple, since it creates a stunning online store to suit your demands, even if users have no prior website design or development knowledge, and have the option to rely on internal specialists to build it for you if necessary.

Bluehost’s new eCommerce is designed to be flexible, strong, top-performing, and user-friendly customization. The new, specially created Wonder Theme that is included with the product is very adaptable to your own look and feel.

Also it is well curated as Bluehost makes using WordPress simpler. Without having to navigate 59,000+ themes and plugins, take advantage of WordPress’s potential. The WordPress professionals at Bluehost have carefully chosen and created all the plugins users require—not the ones they don’t.

According to reports, it is the only product that offers this mix of features because it includes both YITH plugins, which are well-known in the WordPress community, and WooCommerce capabilities.