Google Updates Digital Marketing Playbook 

Making data and insight initiatives a priority can help your company become more adaptable and resilient to change. Since people's expectations around data privacy have changed, it's more crucial than ever to adapt your data strategies so you can keep sharing advertising that is relevant to your audience and tracking the effectiveness of your campaigns.
SIA Team
September 10, 2022

The Google Ads privacy guide has just been modified to more accurately reflect Google’s dedication to assisting companies of all sizes. This version, in particular, has the most recent best practices, Google Ads solutions, and international client success stories to aid in your preparation for a digital marketing environment that prioritizes privacy.

“We’ve updated our privacy and performance playbook with the latest Google Ads measurement solutions to help you prepare for the new privacy landscape and to help you continue to drive strong performance,” Google said in their blog post by Cameron Grace in August 2022.

Google said that they provided case studies that illustrate how businesses have used these technologies to boost growth.

According to Google, the importance of privacy preparation cannot be overstated, and this playbook can help users to get going on the road to excellence. 

In this playbook, Google said users will discover how to establish direct contact with their clients, guarantee reliable measurement that can be used to make decisions, and boost performance by keeping their advertising current.