With a Search Engine “Easter Egg,” Google is Counting Down to the Ethereum Merger

The feature was discussed among Web3 staff members and quickly put into practice.
SIA Team
September 11, 2022

A “doodle” from Google, the most visited website in the world, is counting down to the Ethereum merger.

“The search team ran with it and made it happen incredibly fast. More recognition should be going to the teams who made this happen,” Sam Padilla, a Web3 Customer Engineer at Google, said to Decrypt via Twitter.

In May, Google declared that a Web3 team had been established.

Reportedly, a countdown clock, the difficulty rate (the number of times a miner must calculate the hashes in order to record a block of transactions), the hash rate (the total combined computing power being used on the entire network), and a cartoon of two happy bears approaching each other with outstretched arms are now displayed when you type “ethereum merge” into Google’s search engine.

The approval comes just three and a half days before Ethereum’s long-awaited switch to a less energy-intensive proof of stake mechanism of confirming transactions. 

The two bears should soon combine to form a single panda, which has functioned as the de facto mascot for Ethereum’s transition, if everything goes according to plan. The existence of the doodle indicates a level of interest in the merger that even the biggest of tech firms have expressed.

The business is getting more and more involved in Web3, providing Google Cloud-based blockchain infrastructure services. The company names Nansen, Dapper Labs, and Solana as some of its business partners on the page devoted to its Web3 products.