Just Launched: “Shops” Section In Mobile Search Results

Google just launched the Shop feature in organic search for select searches in the US. Wondering how to show up for it?
Marie Aquino
January 8, 2022

According to a Google spokesperson via Search Engine Land, Google has just launched a “Shops” section in the mobile search results. The shops section initially shows three retailers, that can be expanded up to ten.

The retailers shown are based on organic search rankings and as of this time, is only available to select shopping-related queries in the U.S.

The Shops feature was first noticed by Twitter user Khushal Bherwani and his tweet shows what the particular feature looks like.

A Google spokesperson has this to say regarding the newly launched Shops feature:

“We recently launched Shops, a new module available on mobile devices for select US-English shopping-related queries…We launched this to help present more seller options to users on Search. This feature currently shows 3 shops and users can then expand to see up to 10 merchants depending on availability. The selection of results shown and their order are based on organic search ranking.”

As mentioned, the shops featured are based on those already ranking in organic search. This is yet another area where one can be show up and gain more awareness and traffic, aside from the usual organic search results.

However, you should already be ranking in organic search in order to show up. All the more important for e-commerce sites to optimize their sites well, in order to show up in both organic search and the shops feature.

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