Uruguay Courts repeal ‘amparo’ action filed against Google

This case is highly relevant as it is an important worldwide topic.
SIA Team
January 11, 2022

A local media outlet filed an amparo against Google in Uruguay alleging Google violated their press rights.

An amparo gives both individuals and juridical persons an instrument to challenge acts of authorities.  

The local media outlet alleges Google deindexed information that residents of the EU had previously reported as personal data protection violations.

The courts repealed the amparo action on the grounds that (1) Uruguay is not able to enforce foreign legislation (2) Google’s procedure for constraining a previously published news article is correct because it doesn’t imply a disregard regarding liberties that are not completely free; (3) the court ruled that questionable whether the “right to forget” even exists and has legal basis in Uruguay, since it was explicitly excluded from the draft of the recently enacted Law of Urgent Consideration; (4) the court acknowledged how the search engine works, stating that it “collects information from addresses or existing sites on the web” and orders these indexes “according to certain criteria.” (5) Google LLC does not have domicile in Uruguay and that is the only “persons” that can be summoned.

Read more about the decision here.