LinkedIn Releases Three Pages Updates

With this summary of recent upgrades, you can catch up on the newest features for LinkedIn Pages.
SIA Team
October 2, 2022

LinkedIn has released improvements to three pages that let companies engage their audience more deeply.

With post templates, businesses can produce more interesting material, direct the conversation with pinned comments, and highlight their core principles in the new “commitments” section.

Users might already have access to these updates because they have been released gradually over the month such as post templates for LinkedIn Pages, pinned comments, and page commitments.

For the post templates, with LinkedIn’s configurable templates, businesses now have an easier method to produce great LinkedIn page content. Users don’t need to download additional software since post templates can be found right in the LinkedIn app. To use it, users just need to tap the “use template” button to start a new post. Also, the background can then be changed, along with the font, text, clickable links, and more.

Meanwhile, businesses [pages] may now pin their best comments to the top of the comment section to showcase them on postings.

While the page commitments is a brand-new section on LinkedIn Pages where you can highlight your company’s core principles to potential partners and employees. Users’ featured commitments section may contain up to five commitments, such as; Inclusion, diversity, equity, career development and education, work-life harmony, social effect, and environmental protection.