Top Brands Suspend Twitter Ads Due To Child Exploitation

Due to Twitter's inability to identify and remove child porn, big businesses suspend their adverts.
SIA Team
October 1, 2022

After it was discovered that their ads were displayed alongside tweets requesting illicit child abuse content, at least 30 prominent companies stopped running ads on Twitter.

“We’re horrified. Either Twitter is going to fix this, or we’ll fix it by any means we can, which includes not buying Twitter ads,”  David Maddocks, brand president at Cole Haan, said Reuters in an interview on September 29, 2022.

Reuters investigation cited numerous large brand advertisers who were informed that their ads displayed close to the offensive tweets, one of this is a toxic post about child sexual abuse which was displayed next to a sponsored tweet from a Texas Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital.

According to Celeste Carswell, a spokeswoman for Twitter, in Reuters report that the business “has zero tolerance for child sexual exploitation” and is allocating additional resources to improving kid safety, including hiring for new positions to develop policies and put them into practice.

Additionally, she said that Twitter is closely collaborating with its advertising partners and clients to look into the incident and take appropriate action to prevent it from happening again.