Google Discloses Five Changes to Mobile Search

Google says there will be five changes to mobile search soon.
SIA Team
October 1, 2022

Google revealed it is introducing five important improvements to how consumers search on mobile devices at its Search On conference today.

These five improvements are Google search shortcuts, results in the search bar, enhanced query refinements, google web stories, and combining text, images, & video.

For the first improvement, by submitting photos of products, translating text with Google Lens, or even just humming into the microphone, you can find music. With tappable shortcuts, all the sophisticated Google search techniques will now be more visible in the Google app for iOS.

The results in the search bar, Google will start generating results as soon as you start typing and before you submit the search. 

Meanwhile, for the enhanced query refinements, a variety of query refinements are displayed by Google to help users find the most pertinent results. Google will suggest ways to narrow down your inquiry as you type it in the mobile search field.

While with tighter integration of Google Web Stories, Google is enhancing the visual experience of mobile search.

“For topics like cities, you may see visual stories and short videos from people who have visited, tips on how to explore the city, things to do, how to get there, and other important aspects you might want to know about as you plan your travels,” Google said on their recent blog post. 

Then finally, Google said that combining text, images, & video serves as a “reimagining” of the way it delivers search results. 

“You’ll see the most relevant content, from a variety of sources, no matter what format the information comes in — whether that’s text, images, or video,” Google said.

As Google is adding capabilities to the mobile search bar in the upcoming months that will make it easier for users to obtain more pertinent results, there will soon be an aesthetic shift in Google’s mobile results, with a stronger emphasis on photos and video.