New Article Discusses Customization Features in Google Analytics (GA)

Did you know that you can make some customizations to the GA user interface?
SIA Team
September 13, 2021

Can you guess one way you know that you’re really starting to get proficient at Google Analytics (or at least have a certain way of doing it)? 

It’s when you wish you could make some customizations to it!

Well, according to a recent tweet on the Google Analytics Twitter channel, you now can. 

That tweet links to an article on Medium, titled, GA4 — Big Changes, Flexibility and Power

That article talks about the many options by which you can make customizations to areas of the user interface. That said, there are some limitations, and there may be some new vocabulary you have to learn, but if you consider that customization may save you time, learning to do this could be a good time investment. 

Source: Google Analytics Twitter channel