Google Tweets 5-Step Guide to Setting Up Google Analytics (GA)

WordPress Google Analytics plugins may be limited. If you’ve always wanted a DIY solution, here’s a good place to start.
SIA Team
September 13, 2021

Whenever I see that Google has tweeted, or retweeted, an informative article, I always pay attention (because of course, if Google thinks it’s worth sharing, it’s probably worth looking at). 

A few days ago, the Google Analytics Twitter channel had a tweet that may be of interest to those looking to get started with Google Analytics.

The tweet linked to an article on, titled A 5-Step Guide to Setting Up Google Analytics.

The Importance of Data

Since you’re reading this, I’m assuming you have at least a small idea of what Google Analytics is, and why it may be of value to you. 

I’m sure you know that it’s a free, enterprise-level platform that–with your permission–gathers a range of potentially valuable data about your site or app. 

Data Becomes Information

But data just for the sake of data is just that: it’s data. It really doesn’t mean anything unless you can connect the dots in such a way that the data becomes somewhat informative.

After you spend the time to learn a bit about how it works, Google Analytics can be informative. It can tell you all sorts of information (especially if you use it in combination with Google Console). 

And With Skill, Information Becomes Insight (Which May Be Subjective)

This is probably the peak of the data-information-insight process. 

The reason why I say that insight may be subjective is that a team of people may look at the same information, but one person may see something (an insight, maybe) that others don’t (or, at least before the others do).

For example, one person may say, “Hey…it looks like, for the past 6 weeks, we got X% of our orders at this time, from this location.” 

The process of insight involves being able to see holistically (and not just linearly), and being able to envision several pieces of data together in a way that others may not see yet.

If that seems a bit daunting, know this: it can be made easier with the combination of multiple Google platforms, such as Big Query, Data Studio, and Search Console

I’ve written about such combinations in a few of my previous articles, such as Google Tweet: What Are Users Doing Before They Convert? and Google Data Studio: Google Tweets New Article on Blended Data Sources.

But please, don’t let me overwhelm you. Learning Google Analytics, depending on the time you have, can be quite a commitment.

Just start simple.

With all these potential benefits and insights to be had, you can start in just 5 steps.

Source: Google Analytics Twitter channel