New Article Discusses How Personalization Can Lead to Increased Impact and Profits

In an increasingly digital (and isolated) world, personalization still matters.
SIA Team
July 20, 2021

Have you ever received a mass-mail package in the mail, but…it had your name on it?

Did you toss it out like you do with the other “junk mail,” or did you at least consider opening that letter?

If I had to guess, at the very least, you considered opening that letter.

Of course, you probably know why.

A new article, titled Why Personalisation in Digital Marketing Matters, confirms something that seasoned marketers have known for years: personalization can cut through the noise and help give a personal touch to your marketing efforts.

It’s been known that personalized emails have higher click-through rates, and in 2021, that’s as true as it’s ever been.

According to the article, personalization in marketing can lead to better user experiences, brand loyalty and increased revenue.

So, how can you apply personalization to your marketing?

Well, first of all, I’d like to say that, in addition to presonalization, there’s also customization.

The two terms sometimes get conflated, but personalization is exactly that: a person’s name, email address, city, etc.

Customization can be something that a person shares with others, and that’s not necessarily personally-identifiable. Size preference, membership level, length of time on list, the ad they clicked on, etc., are all examples of variables that can be used to create a customized marketing campaign.

In order to use personalization and customization in your marketing, you’re first going to have to define and track the variables that you’re going to use to personalize and customize.

So, for example, let’s suppose you have 2 ads, and have to semi-customize a marketing funnel based on which of those 2 ads a prospect clicks.

Well, first you need to define your variables, which, in this case is easy: Ad #1, Ad #2.

By the way, I need to mention a side note: you need a tool that can do this. An autoresponder or email automation tool is one that comes to mind. A re-targetting ad platform can also partially help with customization.

That might be understandable, but I didn’t want to overlook that.

Moving on, once you have the tools that can do this, and you’ve defined the variables you want to use to create customization, you then create a marketing sequence (like a retargeting campaign or an email series) that uses those variables.

Of course, the overview I just laid is exactly that–an overview. But I do hope I gave you a glimpse of how to use personalization and customization in your marketing efforts.

Just as receiving a personalized, albeit promotional, letter in your mail can make an impact, personalization in digital marketing can make an impact and, hopefully lead to greater profits.

You now have some idea of how to add the power of customization and personalization to your campaigns.

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