New Feature: Linking Google Analytics 4 to Google Search Console

You can now get complete data on your user's search journey to your site with the ability to link Google Analytics 4 to Google Search Console.
Marie Aquino
December 16, 2021

On Wednesday, Google has announced that Google Analytics 4 can now be linked with Google Search Console, through the Google Search Central Twitter Account.

Google Analytics 4 was launched in October 2020 and has existed alongside Universal Analytics. Google has not announced if or when it will stop the Universal Analytics version. However, we think it would still be a good idea to learn and use Google Analytics 4 so that you will not be forced to shift to GA4 when they stop supporting Universal Analytics. This would also help with the transition to the new platform. At this time, most SEOs still prefer Universal Analytics.

Google Analytics 4 collects data differently, stores it differently, and visualizes it differently. However, it is more advanced than the Universal Analytics version. GA4 provides a better representation of user behavior, it respects the privacy preferences of the user, and it helps you spend less time collecting and aggregating data.

Shifting from the Universal Analytics version to the GA4 may be quite frustrating because of the learning curve but the added benefits it provides are worth it, if you are really interested in tracking the data of your visitors and areas of improvement that you can work on for your site, to help you with conversions, among others.

With the news that you can now link your Search Console account and Google Analytics 4 account together, what makes it a big deal?

Linking your GA4 and GSC account helps you analyze your search traffic better and it helps you to directly compare search data with your site analytics. These two tools, hand in hand, would help you get a better idea of your visitor’s journey, once they get from the search to your site, and identify areas for improvement.

Overall, associating the two is not rocket science, it is an easy process, and it would only serve to benefit both you and your users.