NEW: Google Announces Google for Creators

If you use content--in any form--in any aspect of your digital business, you may wish to check this out.
SIA Team
October 21, 2021

Yesterday, while searching for newsworthy content, I came across a tweet that mentioned a Google platform I hadn’t heard of before:

The tweet linked to a blog post that introduces people to Google for Creators, titled, Google for Creators: Helping Creators Learn and Grow.

Here’s a link to what appears to be the homepage of the English US version of the blog dedicated to Google for Creators:

That page has a 49-second overview video:

To me, Google for Creators is reminiscent of YouTube Creators, because both, as their names imply, are oriented toward content creators.

From glancing through the relatively new Google for Creators YouTube channel, I see that there’s an array of creator-oriented how-to videos. 

(Of course, YouTube Creators is primarily for those who want to create video-based content whereas Google for Creators seems to be for those who want to create text-based content. That said, there may be some overlap in the subject matter the 2 channels cover.)

It seems that not all the videos were specifically created by Google for Creators, but rather, that there’s a mixture of original videos and videos originally featured on other YouTube channels. 

Want to Create an Outstanding Brand, Community, and Content?

I predict that Google for Creators will become a hub for those who want to create content that goes beyond plain SEO (though SEO is still important) and excites those for whom that content is created for.

Source: Google Analytics Twitter channel