Do You Find That Google Analytics Takes a Lot of Time? Introducing Huge Google Analytics Time Savers

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SIA Team
October 20, 2021

Let’s face it: Google Analytics, especially for those who are deep users of the platform, can be time-consuming. 

And, for those who are pressed for time, Google Analytics is often pushed to the side, which is unfortunate. That’s unfortunate because Google Analytics (especially when it’s combined with other data sources) can be a great beacon of marketing and business insight. 

I’ve written elsewhere about blended data sources, but if you and/or your team doesn’t have the time to fiddle with all the intricate details of Google Analytics, how are you going to save time?

Well, a recent tweet from the Google Analytics Twitter channel offers a clue:

That tweet links to a page on Databox, titled, Best Google Analytics Reports for Clients

I must say, Databox has done a wonderful job of collecting all of these templates, and arranging them according to various aspects of the Google Analytics platform.

Just find a report that matches all (or even just some) of your Analytics uses, and once you learn how to use the template(s), you can see measurable time savings. 

Source: Google Analytics Twitter channel