Want to Compare Groups of Visitors in Google Analytics 4 (GA4)? (New Video)

With GA4 Comparisons, you can see how 2 different audiences each affect your ROI. This 6-minute video shows you how.
SIA Team
October 20, 2021

Yesterday (October 19th, 2021), Google’s Twitter channel had a tweet that links to a video:

The video is by Julius Fedorovicius of Analytics Mania

In it, Julius walks you through some of the key steps of using the Comparisons feature of GA4. 

And as I alluded to above, with Comparisons, you can compare different audiences. 

You can compare different traffic sources (if that’s how you define your audiences), and in a roundabout way, do split-testing. 

There are many, many features in GA4, and while Comparisons may not be the most popular, it is worth considering if it offers something you want to do. 

We’ve written a number of articles about various aspects of Google Analytics 4, including how you can combine GA4 data with other data sources, which allows you to get a much bigger picture of things.

Source: Google Analytics Twitter channel