Page Experience Desktop Report, Now on Google Search Console

With the roll out of the Page Experience Update This February 2022, Google has released the Page Experience Desktop Report in Search Console.
Marie Aquino
January 18, 2022

The Page Experience Update, also known as the Core Web Vitals, has rolled out for mobile from June to August 2021. It is set to roll out to desktop next month, February 2022, until the end of March.

To support the upcoming roll out, Search Console has now released a dedicated desktop section for the Page Experience report. According to Google, it is to help site owners understand the criteria for “good page experience”.

The page experience update for desktop is also based on the same page experience signals that has rolled out to mobile last year. The same three core web vitals metrics are used in the Desktop roll out – Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS).

For more details on the Page Experience Update, the Core Web Vitals, the different metrics and their threshold, what to do to improve your scores for each particular metric, check out our Core Web Vitals article.

Aside from the Core Web Vitals, other aspects of page experience signals like the HTTPS Security, and compliance with Google’s Intrusive Interstitial Guidelines are also included. Mobile friendliness is not a factor as the roll out is for desktop. According to Google, if the site has a separate desktop and mobile version, the desktop signal will be based on the URL that desktop users see.

Ready for the upcoming roll out of the Page Experience Update in Desktop? If you’ve already prepared and fixed your site and issues for the mobile roll-out, the roll out to desktop should be no problem.

Nevertheless, check out the Page Experience Desktop Report on your Search Console to see how your site fares, just in time for the roll out this February.