Is The Same Algorithm Used For Every Language?

Always wondered if the same algorithm is used in different locations and if the SEO info discussed online, also applies to non English language and locations?
SIA Team
January 18, 2022

In a SEO Subreddit, a user asked if Google uses the same algorithm for every language. The user thought of how BERT had to do with semantics and if it would be the same in every language, which then extended to other ranking factors – if there are any differences in ranking factors between different language and cultures.

John Mueller chimed in and answered that the algorithm is mostly the same for every language and how search uses a lot of algorithms. Some of them apply to content in all languages, and some of them are specific to individual languages.

As an example he provided, some languages don’t use spaces to separate words, which would make things hard to search for, if Google assumed that all languages were similar to English.

image 6

Are you an SEO catering to another language or location and have always wondered whether the same algorithm is used in your language and country?

Wondering if the SEO information and hacks that are being discussed by other SEOs would also be applicable to your language or location?

Looks like they would be, since most of the algorithm used is similar across the board.

Nevertheless, with any SEO information, tips, and tricks that you encounter, it is best to test it out first, regardless of the language of your site or your location.

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