Three New Types Of Shopping Ads Are Introduced On TikTok

On TikTok, advertisers can now choose from three alternative formats for running shopping ads.
SIA Team
August 19, 2022

With the addition of three different shopping ad kinds and expanded placement choices outside of the For You page, TikTok is continuing its drive into e-commerce.

Advertisers on TikTok can use these following new shopping ads whether or not they have an online store. The three ad types include, video shopping ads, catalog listing ads and live shopping ads.

TikTok said that the advertisers can now develop shoppable films for placement on the For You page using video shopping advertisements.

Meanwhile, advertisers may promote product catalogs at scale with catalog listing advertisements with new TikTok placements. While the live shopping adverts are created expressly to advertise live shopping streams.

Furthermore, through the buying aim “Product Sales,” users of TikTok Ads Manager can access the new advertising forms.