The Number Of Indexed Pages Reported By Google Search Console Was Incorrect

Google has corrected a problem that was causing Search Console to report an incorrect number of indexed pages.
SIA Team
August 17, 2022

Incorrect number of indexed pages was reported by Google due to a problem with Search Console, according to Google. 

As a result, Google warns in the Index Coverage report that the number of indexed pages will most likely decrease.

Google said it is a reporting issue, not a site issue. 

This problem, on the other hand, should not be overlooked, especially if users have been compiling reports for clients and including the incorrect number of indexed pages.

Furthermore, users are advised to go through their most valuable URLs and recently published content to see if Google still lists them as indexed, they may have believed that pages were being indexed when they were not.

The pages have not been removed from Google’s index. Instead, they were never properly indexed to begin with.

However, Google said the problem has been solved.