Google: There Is No Rush To Abandon Dynamic Rendering

According to John Mueller of Google, switching from dynamic rendering to server-side rendering has no SEO ranking benefit.
SIA Team
August 17, 2022

Even though a help article states that dynamic rendering is not a long-term solution, Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller claims there is no urgency for websites to abandon it.

Mueller posted a comment on a Reddit thread seeking advice on the topic of dynamic vs. server-side rendering. A query has been raised in response to a recent update to a Google help document that states that “dynamic rendering is a workaround and not a long-term solution.”

Mueller said using an alternative approach the next time you rebuild a website if you are currently using dynamic rendering.

“There are no SEO ranking-bonuses for implementing it one way or another – they’re just different ways of making the content indexable (as is client side rendering). The differences between dynamic rendering and server side rendering from my POV are more in terms of practical infrastructure setup & maintenance (it can also affect speed, depending on how you have things set up). There’s no rush to switch away from dynamic rendering, it’s not going to become unsupported or cause issues from Google. The change over time is just that nowadays, if you have a JS-based site, there are better options (either good CSR or SSR) available, so doing things dynamically based on the user agent is often not the most efficient approach.” Muller said.

Mueller makes it clear that the infrastructure setup and maintenance requirements are what set dynamic rendering apart from other options.