Video Verification, Now Part Of Google Business Profile

Video verification is now the default verification method for Google Business Profile. What are the steps? Does this affect SEO service providers?
Marie Aquino
December 21, 2021

It looks like Google Business Profile, formerly Google My Business, has now added video verification by default, as part of the verification workflow when verifying a Google Business Profile.

Video verification is not new, it was launched in 2018, however, it was not easy to use. Now, it looks like it is the default option used to verify the Business Profile.

For the video verification, you will be asked to show a video of your business that includes your current location – recording outside signage such as the street name or nearby business, your business or equipment, and your proof of management, in one continuous recording.

You are then provided a QR code that you can scan and that will open a link on your mobile device for the video verification process.

While this set-up is not an issue for legitimate businesses or business owners who can do the verification themselves, this becomes an issue for third party service providers that offer Google Business Profile verification and Google Maps services, especially for providers offering their services online.

Though knowing the minds of our internet marketing services providers and SEO professionals, there would definitely be a work around that can be done in this new default verification process.

Is Google Business Profile and Google Maps part of your the services you offer? How does this change affect you and the services offered? Have you already found a work around for it? Let us know!